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No Job too Big

No Poop too Small

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1-888-9PET POO Or 1-888-973-8766

A Fully License​d and Insured

Pet Waste Removal Company

Maintaining Cleanliness at All Times


Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.  Nonetheless, it is not an easy job–from feeding, grooming, and training them.  Speaking of training, potty training is one of its most crucial factors because both the lives of the owners and their pets might be put at risk.

Poop Patrol is here to keep your property clean.  We offer Stress Free, Thorough and Sanitary Pet Waste Removal Services Every Visit. Contact us to learn more about our business and to schedule an appointment.  We would love to be of great help to you and your fur babies.

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