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What We Offer

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1-888-9PET POO  Or  1-888-973-8766

Services For Your Property


Poop Patrol of Southwest Florida can free your property from any pet waste.  Our uniformed Pet Waste Professionals will come to walk the area, remove the waste, and dispose it.  Our staff will always wear disposable gloves and booties.  Our equipment is also sanitized after each cleaning service so as to protect you, your pets, and others from cross contamination.

We offer Weekly cleanup services.  Once a Week Rates Per Month are as follows:

        • 1 Dog, $60 per Month
        • 2 Dogs, $70 per Month
        • 3 Dogs and More, $80 per Month 

For Larger or Three Plus dog families, we recommend The 

Twice-A-Week Service.  Twice-a-Week Rates Per Month are as follows:

        • 1 Dog, $80 per Month
        • 2 Dogs, $90 per Month
        • 3-4 Dogs and More, $100 per Month

Other options and frequencies such as One-Time Cleanups are available, too.  Contact us to inquire.

For other animal waste removal services please Contact Us

Note: The pricing listed above is for standard ¼ acre lot size only. For estate or double lots, contact us for special pricing.

We accept PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Checks and Cash as payments.  Head on over to our booking/contact us page to schedule or contact us for services.  Also you can now pay your invoice easily by going to our "Invoice Payment" page.  We've made it Simple fast and easy! 

Our Service Terms and Conditions

As a customer, you are responsible for the following:
  • Access to your property – We need to have access in and out of your property on your day of service. Should you have any locked gates or a hindrance to access your property on the day of your service, you will be charged a service trip fee.  If the access issue is resolved that day, regular service will be provided and the service trip fee will be dismissed.
  • Inclement weather – Due to our weather here in Southwest Florida, it might make our service very hazardous or simply impossible for us to conduct our scheduled service.  In the event this happens, we will be responsible for servicing your property as soon as possible.  If we are unable to make up that visit, NO CHARGE will be applied for the next regularly scheduled service.
  • Safety of all parties involved – If you have aggressive pets, please have them contained from your property on the dates of service.  If we can’t access your property OR your pets will not allow us, you will be charged a service trip fee.  If the access issue is resolved that day, regular service will be provided and the service trip fee will be dismissed.  Pets that are non-aggressive are allowed to be out, play, and interact with us.  We enjoy such behavior and as an added “bonus,” we always have a treat for them!
  • Billing – We will send out invoices or receipts via email at the beginning of every month prior to the conducted services.  Billing charges are based on our rates and services page. If you will pay via PayPal or credit card, your following payments will be charged to your PayPal account or credit card.
  • Late fees - A $10.00 late fee will be charged on the 16th day of the billing month to an account with an unpaid balance.  Should there be a late fee charge on your account, the service will be suspended until payment is received.  Accounts with 45 days late fees will be charged an additional $30.00 and will be sent to our collection agency.
  • Return check – There will be a $35.00 charge on any returned check.
  • Poop Patrol assumes no liabilities for damages to yards, gates, pets or other properties.
  • Suspending your service – If for some reason you need to put a hold on your service due to reasons, such as vacation, illness, etc., please notify us at least ONE WEEK in advance.  We will be happy to suspend your service until you need it.
  • Accepting service – Agreeing to our service terms and conditions means that you are permitting us to enter and leave your property to perform our services and bill your PayPal account or credit card on file.
  • Termination of service – If for any reason you need to terminate your service, please notify us via phone or email ONE WEEK prior to your next billing cycle.  Please also let us know why you are terminating your service. Credits will not be issued for partial months and any unpaid balances are due within 15 days after termination.

Poop Patrol - No Job too Big No Poop too Small - Go Ahead Give Us a Call !